A mum who appears “15 years younger” than her actual age has surprised her fans on social media by sharing details of how old she is. Amber Lancaster, from California, has an account on TikTok, as well as Instagram, and stunnded her fans when she explained she’s not in her 20s, but is two decades older.

She has also shared hints and tips for looking youthful as most people wrongly assume she is in her late 20s.

The Price is Right model is actually in fourth decade, but Ms Lancaster is regularly told by fans she could easily pass for 15 years younger.

She has been posting about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content on her TikTok and Instagram.

She constantly shares hilarious video clips and stylish outfits that have yielded a large following across the social media platforms.

In a viral video, she smiles and puts her age on screen with the audio saying: “This is for everyone who looks younger than their actual age and people don’t believe them when you tell them how old you are.”

She captioned it “1980 baby”, revealing that she was born that year which made her 41 at the time of posting – she has since turned 42.

One user said: “41 going on 25, you look like a young lady on stage!”

“People saying you look 30. I am 30. You look 25 – so beautiful,” a follower commented, while another added:” Literally the only one I’ve seen where you actually look younger than your age. Now tell us all your secrets.”

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Ms Lancaster also recommended adding a vitamin C serum into the routine to brighten the skin and the ‘Ponds Dry Skin facial Moisturiser’ at night in one of her videos.

She has not elaborated further, but conceded she’d had botox in another clip.

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