Missing aristocrat Constance Marten may have given birth in the back of a car found burnt out in Greater Manchester, a news report has claimed. Hailing from a wealthy land-owning family with links to the royals, Ms Marten disappeared with her newborn baby boy and sex offender partner Mark Gordon on January 5.

The pair abandoned their burning car on the hard shoulder after it broke down near Junction 4 of the M61, at Farnworth in Bolton.

Sources connected to the investigation told the Manchester Evening News that placenta was found in the back seat of the couple’s charred vehicle by fire crews.

Police reportedly believe the baby was born in the car one or two days before the family went missing.

Concerns are growing as neither Constance, 35, nor the baby have seen a doctor.

The family have no luggage as most of their belongings were destroyed in the fire, but Constance is believed to have access to substantial resources.

Known to her friends as Toots, she grew up in a stately home in Dorset which was used as a set for the 1996 film of Jane Austen’s Emma, starring Gwyneth Paltrow.

She had a privileged upbringing, attending a private school, university and drama school – but after meeting Gordon, 48, everything changed.

The revelation of the baby’s birth comes after Gordon, was exposed as being a convicted sex offender.

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They took a taxi from Harwich to East Ham on January 7, spending hundreds of pounds in fares in a couple of days.

Taxi drivers report hearing the baby in their cabs.

The last time they were spotted was that day was near East Ham underground station.

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