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Met Office snow verdict as forecasters see anticyclonic freeze pushing towards Britain | Weather | News

The nation has been lulled into a false sense of security, with February being dubbed as a “near snowless month.” Mild conditions, particularly in the south, has given people a taste of spring – including longer, warmer days and more sunshine. But these hopes look set to be dashed, as independent forecasters unearth a cold “anticyclonic” spell which could bring an icy snap to the UK in the first week of March.

Ian Simpson wrote in his blog for Netweather that this colder blast could blight the UK in the first days of the new month – and just over a fortnight before meteorological spring arrives.

He said: “The anticyclonic and chillier spell will that will end the month and likely the first five days of March could be superseded by even colder and potentially wintry conditions as we head through early March.

“The reason for the temperatures falling even further, even with a risk of snow, rather than gradually warming up at the start of meteorological spring, can be attributed to the current Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW).”

This weather event, which took place last week, sees the warming of the stratosphere near to the likes of Greenland and Scandanavia. It then has the possibility to change the nation’s weather with an easterly cold blast pushing in and striking Britain.

It was this frontal system, which takes weeks to materialise, which was characterised as one of the leading factor in 2018’s Beast from the East – which is why forecasters are sensitive to signs of its return.

Mr Simpson added: “So in early March, we may see the stratosphere wind patterns coupled with the troposphere, with blocking high pressure building to the north and northwest of Britain, particularly around Greenland – while the displaced stratospheric polar vortex is mirrored in the troposphere to our northeast over northern Russia and Scandinavia.”

He added that various weather models were pointing towards a probability of this eventuality – but that, as always, things can change. Jim Dale, senior meteorologist from British Weather Services also added that clarity would come later this week.

Speaking to, he said: “It’s currently looking more Troll from Trondhein, but it could easily flip into a Beast from the East. The next two to three days should hopefully see some clarification of the detail.”

READ MORE: Siberian snow storm set to engulf whole UK by March

Weather maps show that by Tuesday, March 7 at around 6pm a deluge of snow and ice will batter Britain in its entirety. The south east corner looks set to get around 7cm of snow, including London.

But in Wales this figure is set to more than double with 26cm falling in rural areas. Surprisingly, the snow severity looks set to almost lighten for those living further north. Between 1cm to 3cm is expected in the Midlands and north east.

What does the Met Office say?

From March 7 to 21, the Met Office’s long-range forecast does not offer any specifics on snow, cold weather and timings. But it doesn’t diminish the chances of a cold spell on its way, either.

It says: “High pressure is expected to dominate at the start of the period, with any more unsettled weather most likely across the far north and northwest.

“However, low pressure could develop to the south of the UK by the middle of the month, bringing more widespread changeable conditions.

“Temperatures expected to be generally around average to begin, with the risk of colder nights throughout the period.

“There is an increasing chance of some colder than average conditions developing as the month progresses, although confidence remains low.”

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