In the early hours of Monday morning, temperatures may drop below -10C, as an Arctic freeze grips the UK. The Met Office long range forecast warns of continued “unsettled conditions” and “below average” temperatures. Snow and wintry showers remain likely until April.

The meteorological office stated “confidence remains low” as forecasters look ahead to mid-March until April.

Those hoping for an early spring are set to be disappointed as “very cold conditions” are expected in northern areas along with snow showers this weekend.

This comes as the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) issued a cold weather alert and placed northeast England, northwest England and Yorkshire under a level three alert.

The rest of England has been placed at level two.

A level three alert means there is a 90 percent chance of severely cold weather, icy conditions or heavy snow, which could increase the health risk to vulnerable patients, the NHS said.

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The forecast stated: “On Friday, very cold conditions are expected across the far north, accompanied by snow showers, although some sunny spells are possible away from any showers.

“Into the weekend, milder conditions are expected to spread northeastwards, bringing rain and stronger winds, as well as some snow along the leading edge. Towards the end of the period, this transition is expected to continue, bringing some more unsettled conditions. Periods of snow remain possible, particularly in the far north. Temperatures generally below average, but may gradually turn milder into the end of the period.”

The following forecast for the weeks covering March 20 until April 3 stated: “Confidence remains very low during this period. It’s likely to be drier further north apart from occasional wintry showers, while rain and strong winds are more likely in the south, with a lower risk of snow at times. These milder conditions may extend north periodically, but it’s possible that the cold but bright weather could return south to all parts through late March, bringing a return to drier conditions to the south. Temperatures will likely fluctuate between cold and mild, north to south, but will probably average out around normal.”

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