Dr Louise Mahler has claimed that Meghan Markle significantly “changed” once she became engaged to Prince Harry. The body language expert told the Australian TV programme The Morning Show that the Duchess started carrying out a “weird gesture” and had “dead” eyes after agreeing to marry Harry. Dr Mahler used the footage from the couple’s Netflix documentary series to explain her point, as she highlighted clips of Meghan before and after the engagement.

She said: “In the second episode when it’s all about her as a child, that was delightful.

“She was a gorgeous young woman with great prospects, and she wrote beautifully.

“She did great things and then we see in the engagement photo, it changes.”

The leading expert explained how Meghan’s body language changed after she met Harry.

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Dr Mahler said: “Her smile becomes teeth, her eyes are dead, her arms lock into her body.

“She began doing this weird gesture where she pushes her hair back which is useless, what a useless gesture.

“Who does that? She changed.”

She added that the pair are “different” people when they are not together.

This comes as the Sussexes were spotted together for the first time since Harry’s bombshell memoir Spare was published in early January.

The couple was spotted in a video from the star-studded party for their neighbours and close friends Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi, who renewed their marriage vows.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were seen in the background celebrating and cheering as celebrity Kris Jenner officiated the renewals.

It is the first time that the couple has been seen together since appearing at the RFK Ripple of Hope Award in New York in December.

Meghan has been keeping an unusually low profile compared to her husband, who carried out a whirlwind media tour for his memoir.

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