Meghan Markle could be set to relaunch her wellness blog, The Tig, after a six-year hiatus. Meghan originally closed the blog when she began dating Prince Harry in 2017. However, the Mirror reports she has received official preliminary approval to relaunch the site.

The Tig, reportedly named after Meghan’s favourite wine Tignanello, could rival Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, a site said to offer similar wellness content.

According to papers filed with the US Trademark and Patent Office, the return of the blog could also see Meghan become an agony aunt, a way for Meghan to provide ” commentary in the field of personal relationships”.

The actress started the blog when she starred in the legal drama Suits before she began dating Prince Harry.

She has previously described the blog as a “passion project” that “evolved into an amazing community of inspiration, support, fun, and frivolity”.

As well as providing Meghan with a place to air her opinions, it could also become a source of income for the Sussexes in the future.

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The blog would join several successful income streams the Sussexes have created since they left the United Kingdom. In the past few years, they have produced a podcast, a memoir, and Netflix documentary series.

Between them, they have also formed part of several high-profile interviews, providing insight into their relationship with the Royal Family and each other. Together, these have earned them millions of pounds.

Meghan discussed her blog during the docuseries, Harry and Meghan. She said: “It wasn’t just a hobby, it became a really successful business.

“I’ve never really been the type of person to do only one thing. I guess that’s how my website was born. There was fashion, tons of food, and travel – all the things that I loved.”

Speaking about the blog, Suits director Silver Tree told The Sun: “When she first was describing [The Tig] to me, she was like, ‘It’s like your best friend telling you all the fun things you wish you knew about in one place’.”

Royal biographers have said the reason the blog was shut down was due to intense media scrutiny.

Intense media scrutiny is something both Harry and Meghan have been under since they began dating and something they have fought back against.

In his book Spare, Prince Harry goes into great detail about the impact of being in the media spotlight.

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