Meghan Markle’s “unusual” absence from Prince Harry’s recent media tours could be to let him have “his moment”. In the lead up to Harry’s memoir ‘Spare’ being released in January, the Duke made a series of media appearances on both sides of the Atlantic.

Despite previously making appearances together, Harry stood solo as he explained his motivations for writing his tell-all memoir.

Royal commentator Sarah Hewson said it was “quite unusual” that the Duchess of Sussex, 41, did not join her husband.

She specualted that Meghan was allowing the Duke to have “his moment”.

“As you say, this pair came together, describing themselves as salt and pepper,” she said.

“And yet when the book came out, the publicity tour was all done by Harry on his own.

“We didn’t see anything from Meghan and that was quite unusual.

“Was there a deliberate PR strategy of distancing herself? Was she allowing her husband to have his moment?

“I mean, if she had been there, she would have faced criticism for trying to steal the limelight from him.”

The TalkTV Royal Editor then told Sky News host Peta Credlin: “Is it about her own PR and potentially her political aspirations, or playing the long game in terms of negotiations for reconciliation with the Royal Family given how damaging this book is?

“We don’t know, but as for the coronation, it’s three months away, there’s an awful lot that needs to go on in order for this pair to be there.

“Some suggestions over the weekend are that Harry might come alone, and Meghan to remain behind to celebrate Archie’s birthday which falls on the same day as the coronation, and Harry might make a very quick, brief trip into the UK and back out again.”

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And it also comes as King Charles III is proving “blood is thicker than Netflix cheques” by inviting Harry to his coronation.

Commentator Daniela Elser wrote for that the monarch’s thought process is that “it would be less ‘distracting’ to have them at hand and playing nice than back home in Montecito”.

However, a personal friend of the prince’s has told the Daily Beast: “The relationship between Harry and William is now non-existent.

“They haven’t spoken since the book came out, and William has no intention of picking up the phone any time soon.”

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