Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been urged to “refocus” as their next moves remain a mystery. The couple have spent the last few months firing notable potshots at the members of the Royal Family via interviews, Harry’s memoir and their joint Netflix docu-series.

Speaking exclusively to, US-based royal expert Marlene Koenig said: “I think they do need to refocus. Instead of focusing on all these slights.”

She added that such a move would be “in their best interest”.

The royal expert pointed out that one of the “best” interviews Harry gave was his recent sit-down chat with Stephen Colbert, stating that the Duke was “pretty funny”.

The royal featured on ‘The Colbert Questionert’, which sees the guest asked a series of quick-fire questions. He was asked what his favourite sandwich, smell and song was.

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Describing the interview as “cute”, Ms Koenig said that there “should be more of that”.

Noting that it has been three whole years since their departure, Ms Koenig described their Netflix series and Meghan’s podcast as two of the couple’s “accomplishments”.

She also said that Meghan’s animated series, Pearl, which got scrapped by Netflix last year, was something that “could have been good” and, deemed it as a potential positive, which could have “helped their relationship with the Royal Family”.

Speaking of Netflix, she added that the streaming service knew they would make money from Meghan and Harry’s narrative in their six-episode docu-series, from a money point-of-view.

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As well as Meghan and Harry’s Netflix series, Harry released his bombshell memoir Spare in January, just weeks after the Netflix release.

Spare, which was announced 18 months before its release, took aim at a few members of the Royal Family in various parts.

One senior royal that came under fire was his stepmother Camilla. In his memoir, Harry referred to the Queen Consort as “dangerous”, also stating that he and Prince William tried to convince their father not to marry his now-wife.

The couple’s next moves are a matter of rife speculation at the moment, as experts guess whether Harry’s memoir was the last of their public attacks on the Royal Family.

All eyes are now on whether Harry and Meghan will attend the King’s Coronation in May.

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