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Massive baby has to wear XXXL nappies and dad’s clothes at 16 months old | World | News

A baby boy has grown to the size of an eight-year-old, forcing his mother to buy XXXL nappies for the 16-month-old child. In only a year and four months, Muhammad Kenzi Alfaro has gained a mammoth 60lbs – almost triple the weight of an average baby. In a video gone viral and filmed in their home in Bandung Regency, Indonesia, his mother Patriah can be seen giggling while struggling to get him into an upright position. The boy is eventually lifted onto his feet for a brief moment, wearing a green T-shirt with the number 2 on it that appears to be a few sizes too small.

As his family rallies around him to care for him, he eats food and plays with his toys. His mother is seen attempting to pull down his T-shirt as the camera pans in on his swelling hands and feet.

His parents have had difficulty carrying him around as he no longer fits in his stroller. His mother Kenzi described how they were unable to lift him and that his child cannot walk by himself.

Kenzi’s birth weight of 10 pounds was considerable but not unusual as most babies weigh between five and eight pounds.

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