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Manchester: Large emergency service presence as search for ‘people in water’ taking place | UK | News

There is a massive emergency service presence in Salford after reports that people have entered the water as authorities comb through the River Irwell. There are reports “people entered the water” following a “police chase”, however, the circumstances why people have been reported in the river have not been confirmed.

Fire crews and police rushed to the scene at the River Irwell, in Salford on Tuesday night.

A police helicopter as well as drones have been spotted flying overhead by witnesses, according to the Manchester Evening News.

The fire service said they were called to initial reports of people in the water just after 10pm on Tuesday.

Emergency services rushed to the scene after being called to Meadow Road, beside the River Irwell.

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A witness told the Manchester Evening News: “There seems to be a large police presence as well as potential rescue people as there are a lot of searches going on along edge of the river and beyond.

“They are searching with torches all along the river, looking in river and surrounding areas.”


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