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Man who spotted Nicola Bulley’s body in reeds a mile from bench breaks his silence | UK | News

A self-proclaimed spiritual medium has broken his silence after photos showed him on Sunday morning pointing to the waters where Lancashire found the body of mother-of-two . Jason Rothwell, 33, released a statement on Monday confirming that he and his friend “reported and assisted the police in the recovery of a body from the river Wyre”. Photos of the pair had begun circulating around the media in the interim between the discovery of the body on Sunday morning and the confirmation that it was Ms Bulley on Monday evening.

Photos showed two walkers spotted the body of a blonde woman tangled in reeds on Lancashire’s River Wyre before noon on Sunday.

The area was sealed off, a white tent erected and the most senior investigating officer, Detective Superintendent Rebecca Smith, attended the scene.

Mr Rothwell released a statement on Monday afternoon confirming that it was him and a friend who had been the ones to spot the body.

The 33-year-old from Oldham, who described himself as a spiritual medium on his Facebook page, said: “As has obviously become apparent, yes it is myself in the images in the media currently circulating relating to the case of Nicola Bulley and yes yesterday morning it was myself and a friend who reported and assisted the police in the recovery of a body from the river Wyre.

“I was not asked by the police or Nicola’s family to become involved in this case, but having seen the wild speculation and hurtful commentary that has been ongoing, and having previously assisted in the recovery of Michael Brooks, I decided to use whatever ‘gift’ it is we mediums possess to try and locate Nicola Bulley.

“My thoughts and prayers are with her family, friends and loved ones at this time and I do hope that if it is indeed Nicola, they can find some peace with this. If it is not, I would send my prayers to the family of whomever it may be.”

Mr Rothwell’s comments came hours before Lancashire Police confirmed that the body discovered over the weekend was Nicola Bulley.

The mother-of-two went missing three weeks ago and the local police have come under increasing criticism for their handling of the situation.


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