A number of Lords and MPs are said to be outraged at being left off the guest list for Coronation in the spring. The , which will take place on May 6 at Westminster Abbey, will be much more slimmed down than the late Queen’s Coronation 70 years ago, with guests representing all ages, backgrounds, and geographical areas.

It is thought the final guest list will be discussed and formalised by the Government this week with around 2,250 individuals to receive invites.

According to the Sun, some members of the House of Lords have been lobbying the Cabinet Office to ensure they will be in attendance.

Many seats will be filled by unsung heroes such as NHS workers and charity representatives with availability for Lords and MPs vastly reduced.

Out of the 780 members of the House of Lords, less than 100 are expected to be invited.

In 1953 over 800 Lords and Peers were invited to the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II as the Abbey was packed out with 8,251 guests.

Only around two dozen MPs are expected to be invited, with Rishi Sunak having to pick which members make the cut.

The Sun reported that only the most senior Cabinet ministers, Privy Councillors and opposition leaders will receive an invite.

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Royal experts have even said the plans will “dwarf” last year’s celebrations for the Platinum Jubilee.

The Palace said in a statement: “The King and Queen Consort hope the Coronation weekend will provide an opportunity to spend time and celebrate with friends, families and communities across the United Kingdom, the Realms and the Commonwealth.

“Their Majesties are looking forward to marking the occasion with the public throughout 2023.”

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