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Liz Truss signals political career not over as she’s readopted to run at the next election | Politics | News

Liz Truss’s political ambitions have not ended with her departure from Number 10 after a premiership that lasted just 49 days as will fight the next election after being chosen to run in her constituency.

Liz Truss will continue to be a force in politics and make the case for tax cuts and economic growth as she tonight accepted her readoption as a Parliamentary candidate.

It means the former Prime Minister, who was ousted after just over a month in Downing Street, will continue to be a thorn in the side of her successor Rishi Sunak.

She could even make a return to the front bench. A statement issued minutes ago announced Ms Truss has tonight formally been re-selected by South West Norfolk Conservative Association to be their candidate at the next general election.

She said: “Delighted to have been re-selected as Conservative candidate for South West Norfolk. Thanks to my local association for their ongoing support and I look forward in due course to us fighting a fifth general election together.”

The news will make supporters of Mr Sunak uncomfortable in a week where he has been under siege over claims he was prepared to cave in over the brexit deal with the EU on Northern Ireland.

Already, the Prime Minister is facing threats of resignations from his government and a rebellion of around 100 MPs on the issue.

But one MP noted tonight that it “could be even worse for Sunak over the economy.”

The senior Conservative MP said: “He [Sunak] will not be happy to see Liz [Truss] sticking around given the criticism he has had on tax rises.”

March’s Budget could trigger a full-scale revolt unless Mr Sunak and his Chancellor Jeremy Hunt back off on some tax rises including a 6p rise in Corporation Tax.

Mr Truss has recently made a return to public life after her downfall launching Conservatives for Growth to push her low tax, high growth agenda which is finding increasing support among backbenchers.

Last night, she dined with one of her closest allies, former environment secretary Ranil Jayawardena who is helping her with her new group.

Ms Truss has already been critical of the Prime Minister over not sending fighter jets to Ukraine as well as economic policy.

She also gave a keynote speech in Japan where she applied pressure on the UK government to do more in countering the threat from China.

Along with Boris Johnson, who has been on a comeback tour, both recent former Prime Ministers have not held back in criticising Mr Sunak annd failed to offer their support to a man seen as responsbile for removing them both.

Ms Truss has said she does not want to be leader again but has indicated she would like a return to the front bench.

Another Tory MP said: “It’s going to be uncomfortable for the PM with both his predecessors hanging around, assuming he makes it to the next election as leader.”

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