The cancellation of the King’s first overseas visit has been deemed an “embarrassment to France”. Speaking of the visit, former head of Royal Protection, Dai Davies claimed he has “never heard of” a visit cancellation before. The King and Queen Consort were due to travel to France on Sunday, March 26.

Mr Davies told the Mirror: “In the 50 years I’ve been involved I can’t think of a visit being cancelled but I think it’s the right decision if the safety could and would have been compromised.”‘

He added: “These things are not done lightly and clearly it’s an embarrassment to France”.

According to security sources in Paris, the French fears for the King’s safety.

Fears began after, following the French President’s decision to raise the current retirement age, violent riots began to break out.

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Security sources claimed that they can not guarantee the King’s safety “because of his interest in mingling with the crowds”.

A statement has been released in regards to the royal couple’s visit.

The Élysée Palace said the decision to postpone the visit had been taken by, both, the French and British governments.

A phone conversation was held by President Macron and King Charles III on Friday morning.

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Mr Davies said that Charles would have ben “consulte and told the facts”.

He added that the French may have felt the visit may attract “more demonstrators” to the ongoing protests.

Following a week of disturbances, outbreaks of violence were reported from Paris to Marseilles.

The visit had been in planning for months, and was planned to strengthen ties between Britain and its continental neighbours.

The Germany arm of the visit, set to begin next week, will reportedly still go ahead.

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