King Charles III will not feature on Australia’s new five-dollar bill, which currently carries an image of the late Queen Elizabeth II. The note is the only one to picture the British monarch and the decision by the country’s central bank to replace it with an indigenous design has reignited the debate surrounding the Commonwealth nation’s future as a constitutional monarchy. So do you think the King should visit Australia to offset the growing Republican movement? Vote in our poll.

Australian culture historian and associate professor at the University of Sydney, Dr Cindy McCreery, has suggested that the Royal Family conduct a high-profile tour of Australia to help promote the relationship between the Monarchy and Australia.

She told “I do think that some visits by senior royals like the King and Queen or the heir to the throne, would help.” She added that a tour “does help promote the relationship”.

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She said she fears that many Australians do not see their nation as a priority for the Royal Family, and explained: “I don’t know that we are really a priority, and I think that’s what Australians are kind of waking up to… that there’s so much else that the King is focusing on.”

Dr McCreery added that she believes Australia is heading towards becoming a republic, explaining: “I do think we’ll see a republic in the future, in my lifetime.”

Buckingham Palace has not released any details of upcoming royal tours for the King and Queen Consort. Charles last toured Australia as the Prince of Wales in April 2018, visiting Brisbane, Cairns, Vanuatu and Darwin in addition to opening the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games on behalf of The Queen.

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