and will be paying a visit to Germany at the end of March, Berlin has announced. While in the capital the King is expected to make a speech adressing the German Parliament, the Bundestag.

Buckingham Palace have not confirmed whether the visit will take place.

This comes as French media reported that the King would make his first overseas stop in Paris, with President Macron extending an invitation to Charles in September.

He said: “I had the opportunity to invite King Charles to come to France when it is appropriate for him.”

It is thought Their Majesties will travel to France on the week of March 27, with them then going on to Hamburg.

They are expected to be in Berlin on March 30 for the King to make his speech to the Bundestag.

The silence regarding the trip from Buckingham Palace is not unusual, as royal visits are usually confirmed just a few days before for security reasons.

Katja Mast, First Parliamentary Secretary of the SPD (Social Democratic Party) parliamentary group told the German Press Agency: “I am pleased that the British leader, King Charles III, will speak in the Bundestag.

“The German-British friendship is of particular importance for Europe and the world, especially after Brexit and in times of the imperialist war of aggression by Putin in Ukraine, which violates international law.”

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