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Kate’s ‘proud mama’ moment sparks frenzy as she lights up seeing George and Charlotte | Royal | News

Kate, the Princess of Wales sparked a wave of support after resurfaced footage showed the royal caught in a “proud mama” moment over Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Video from Princess Eugenie’s wedding shows Kate beaming as soon as she lays her eyes on her eldest son and daughter. George and Charlotte served as page boy and flower girl at the nuptials between the youngest daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York with Jack Brooksbank in October 2018.

In a clip that has since become viral on TikTok, Kate can be seen chatting with Prince William, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as they wait for the couple to walk down the aisle.

As Eugenie and Jack proceed to the front of the Church for the ceremony, the page boys and flower girls can be seen trailing behind the bride and groom.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte were escorted in by Peter Phillips’s eldest daughter, Savannah Phillips.

The Princess of Wales can be seen joining in the singing at the start of the ceremony but pausing to take in her two eldest children in the procession.

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Prince Harry can also be seen turning towards his sister-in-law with a smile as George and Charlotte arrived.

The clip sparked a frenzy among royal supporters on social media, with several commending Kate for the way she showed her affection towards her children with a simple smile.

TikTok user Kayla Stinnett said: “Her mommy heart is one of my favorites to watch come out.”

FoxInSocks88 said: “A mother’s love is obvious.”

Steph Bloomfield commented: “Princess of Wales loves her babies x.”

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And hvp954 said: “Proud mum, watching her kids. Just the same for all mothers.”

Maeveinscrubs added: “Awww I’ve never seen this view. Catherine is so happy!”

Other users also commented on Prince Harry‘s joyous reaction at seeing his nephew and niece being included in the wedding proceedings and turning to see Kate’s reaction.

Kelly said: “You can see Harry to her left looking at her smiling. So sad how things are now.”

JulesAussie commented: “What about Harry’s reaction, turns to ensure Kate is looking.”

And Yvonne Marsella said: “Prince Harry’s face too. He’s excited and proud too.”


Prince George and Princess Charlotte were picked as page boy and flower girl twice in 2018, the first occasion marking the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s own wedding in May.

Charlotte’s dress before Harry and Meghan’s wedding was the talk of much speculation following the couple’s decision to step down from royal duties less than two years after their marriage.

Rumours dogged the then Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex, with reports suggesting Meghan had made Kate cry over her daughter’s frock.

The Duchess later claimed the contrary had happened and the Princess of Wales had apologised and been forgiven for the accident shortly after.

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