Kate and William’s relationship is defined by their shared sense of humour and competitiveness, which came across in the playful pictures.

In Hello’s Right Royal Podcast latest episode William and Kate: the Future of the Monarchy, Mr Stillwell explained how the photoshoot was almost cancelled due to poor weather, however his quick thinking saved the day.

He encouraged Kate’s cheeky side during the session, and even included Prince George and Princess Charlotte in the pictures, although this had not been the original plan.

Mr Stillwell photographed the royals for over 30 years until he retired in 2019.

As a keen amateur photographer herself, the Princess of Wales now takes many of the family’s pictures for important personal moments.

She usually shares a fun, more informal birthday portrait for each of her children every year, normally of them playing at home and spending quality family time together.

During lockdown she also launched a nationwide project encouraging people to document their time using a camera while stuck at home.

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According to royal expert Camilla Tominey Kate has taken inspiration from Queen Victoria of Sweden to take more intimate pictures of her family while protecting their privacy.

Ms Tominey added that these pictures have killed off the appetite for paparazzi shots of the royal children.

She said in the Daily Telegraph: “Why would any newspapers or magazines want to run grainy long-lens images of the royals in private when they themselves are willing to serve up crystal clear Instagram-style shots?

“Of course there still is, and always will be, a place for experienced lensmen and women to capture the big royal moments. However, it has always been these more candid camera shots that the public has craved.

“When it comes to seeing the ‘real’ royals behind their public personas, the Duchess is fast becoming the monarchy’s leading chronicler of modern royal life.”

Kate’s role in royal life has become ever more significant, with royal butler Paul Burrell even suggesting the Firm would “collapse” without her.

Speaking on behalf of Slingo, he said: “Kate is in such an incredible position because it all rests on her really, the future rests on Kate and that’s an enormous responsibility because if she decided that she didn’t want to be a part of her marriage any more then I think the Royal Family would collapse.

“Everything is pinned up by Kate, the future is underpinned by Catherine Middleton and that’s incredible.”

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