“There are less questions about Kamala Harris being on the ticket and at least at this moment ‘Sleepy Joe’ and ‘dementia’ are not trending.

“That was somebody that was clever, quick-witted and strong.”

Marshall, who described Marjorie Taylor Green’s heckling as similar to a “drunk girl at a frat party”, added: “He took back control of his State of the Union and a lot of people think that people on my side of the aisle are making a bigger deal of it than it is but it’s a huge deal because it looked like things were going off the rails and he came out victorious and I think we all know that was not scripted.”

Kelly Hyman claimed Biden’s address rightfully highlighted the ways in which his administration has helped ordinary Americans, including by reaching across the aisle on key bills and focusing on economic recovery post-Covid.

When asked if the 46th President’s second State of the Union could help his re-election bid, Hyman told Express.co.uk: “Biden’s performance puts him in a good position to win the primary and return to the White House for a second term.”

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