Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been warned that the King’s upcoming Coronation has “nothing to do with them”. Paul Burrell, who worked as the late Princess Diana’s butler for 10 years, has spoken out about his thoughts on the Sussexes’ pending appearance at the Coronation this spring.

Speaking on behalf of Slingo, Mr Burrell said: “I don’t want to watch the Harry and Meghan show, I want to watch our King being crowned.

“It’s nothing to do with Harry and Meghan, it’s to do with the monarchy, it’s to do with our country, it’s to do with something that’s 1000 years old and so really Harry doesn’t have a place in it.”

Discussing the Duchess, he added: “Meghan certainly doesn’t have a place in it because they are not working members of the Royal Family, Harry is just the King’s son.”

Mr Burrell, who knew Prince Harry and Prince William when they were children due to his role, said that it “wouldn’t really matter” if the Duke wasn’t at the Coronation.

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Speaking on whether he thinks Harry and Meghan will attend, he said: “I personally believe Harry will attend without Meghan.

“I don’t think Meghan will be coming. I think she will be staying in California with her children.”

After some speculation over whether an invite would be extended to the couple, a spokesperson for the Sussexes confirmed earlier this month that an “email” invite had been received by the Duke.

The couple has spent fired various potshots at the Royal Family, which led to speculation that the King could have left his younger son and daughter-in-law off the guestlist.

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Despite confirming an invite had been received, the couple failed to confirm if they would be making an appearance at Westminster Abbey on May 6.

The date of the Coronation happens to fall on their son’s birthday, with a royal expert previously claiming this could be a “perfect excuse” for Meghan to be a no-show.

Speaking previously on GB News, royal expert Charles Rae said: “It is the fourth birthday of little Archie.

“So, it may well be that she’ll stay behind and enjoy the celebrations with her son.”

The last time that the couple were in the UK was in September 2022.

The couple, without their two children, were in Europe to attend a few events “close to their heart”.

Their trip was then extended following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, with the couple both in attendance at the late royal’s state funeral.

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