ISIS could reportedly make a comeback after the horrific earthquake in Turkey that killed around 30,000 people. According to a news report, at least 20 fighters are reported to have escaped from the infamous “Black Prison” in Rajo after the devastating quake.

As per the report, it is feared that the terror group could seek to exploit the chaos to stage a comeback.

The Sun Online spoke to some experts who warned about a new wave of terror in the region.

It reported that ISIS at the peak of its power controlled huge swathes of Iraq and Syria.

However, it was driven back and smashed with what the US called a “100 percent territorial defeat” in 2019.

Now, it’s feared the situation in Kurdistan – the historic region which spans across parts of Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria – could lay the groundwork for the group’s large-scale return.

The Kurds are a group who had been key in the fight against ISIS – but have since been attacked by Turkey and Iran.

Güney Yildiz, a researcher who focuses on Kurdistan, Syria and Turkey, told The Sun that the volatile situation leaves the door open for the return of ISIS.

Speaking before the earthquake, Yildiz told The Sun Online: “If there is a political vacuum in a Muslim-majority country, a comeback is possible.

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“Any event, including natural disasters, that can divert the attention of a nation to a topic other than securing its borders is very much welcomed by extremist organizations such as ISIS.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Bamo Nouri, an expert in Kurdistan and United States involvement in the Middle East, and agreed that Turkey’s military actions could result in ISIS regaining strength.

Dr. Nouri said: “An ISIS revival will come as a result of a Kurdish vacuum.

“They (Kurds) were at the forefront of the fight against ISIS then, and they are now.”

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