An out-of-control dog was captured on video as it attacked a herd of Highland cows in Glasgow. Onlookers caught the moment a black and white Bulldog named Winston launched itself at the animals in Pollok Park and started biting their tails and legs. The video shows the herd, which had several young calves, charging at the dog before it is recalled by its owner.

Conor Ashe, 27, who took the footage, said the dog was “hanging off the back of one of the cow’s tails” and chasing the calves through the park.

He said the incident was “stressful to watch” because he and other passers-by were unable to help.

The attack commenced “about a minute” before he started recording when the dog had latched “on the leg of one of the cows”.

Mr Ashe said he and the other onlookers feared the dog would “kill or seriously injure one of them”.

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While only a minute long, the video becomes more shocking as it goes on, with one cow seen repeatedly slugging the canine with its horns.

The force of one blow is strong enough to send the Bulldog flying through the air.

The footage ends when the dog’s owner walks towards the herd and recalls him, but it only returned after a struggle.

Mr Ashe said it initially “wasn’t paying attention”, adding the owner appeared “scared to go get his dog in case he got attacked by the cows too”.

When the dog eventually came back, he said they “ran away” and didn’t “hang about to check if the cows were okay”.

One of them appeared injured, as it was limping following the vicious attack.

The Highland cattle of Pollok park are local celebrities, having won a series of agricultural shows in the nearly 200 years they have inhabited the green space.

The Maxwell family, 19th-century owners of Pollok Estate, brought the cows to their land 180 years ago.

The attack has naturally sparked fury in Glasgow, with city council representatives branding it “shocking”.

A spokesman for the council said the incident “will have caused significant distress for the cattle and their very young calves”.

They said owners are “expected to keep their dogs under close control” while walking through Pollok Park.

The spokesman added that officials would report the matter to the police.

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