A “cheeky, beautiful and healthy” teenage girl has died less than a week after being rushed to hospital with sepsis. Lauren Menzies, 13, had been lounging on the sofa at home when she was rushed to the hospital 12 hours later after becoming seriously unwell. Tragically, Lauren Menzies would lose her fight less than a week after being rushed to hospital with sepsis. 

Following the death of their beloved daughter in December 2019, Lauren’s parents Chris and Sarah are now raising awareness and fundraising for vital research into the condition which claims the lives of hundreds of people every week.

The couple, from Chorley, shared their heartbreaking story of how their daughter deteriorated so fast after seeming fine just hours before being admitted to hospital reports Lancs Live.

Sarah said: “Our daughter, Lauren, was a typical cheeky, beautiful and healthy thirteen-year-old girl. 

“Then she caught the flu, which then turned to sepsis.

“One minute she was led on the settee at home, watching Modern Family and complaining about the flavor of Lucozade she had been bought, less than 12 hours later she was fighting for her life at Alder Hey. A fight that unfortunately she was to lose, less than six days later.”

Sepsis occurs when the body’s response to an infection spirals rapidly out of control, injuring its own tissues and organs which can result in multiple organ failure and death. It is responsible for five deaths every hour in the UK.

Now, the couple from Chorley are asking locals to support them in raising funds for the charity Sepsis Research FEAT. They have set up a JustGiving page for people to donate to their cause.

Chris and Sarah are organising various fundraising initiatives this year in her memory. First up is the Adventure Challenge which Chris is busy training for and will involve him undertaking a series of three mixed-terrain triathlons – viewed as some of the toughest in the country.

They said: “We want to concentrate our fundraising efforts going forward towards research into treatments for sepsis. 

“That is why we have decided to join with Sepsis Research FEAT in their fundraising initiatives: to improve outcomes for those affected by sepsis.”

Colin Graham, Chief Operating Officer at Sepsis Research FEAT, said: “A huge thank you to Chris and Sarah for so generously raising money to help Sepsis Research FEAT’s work. Fundraising activities like this play a vital role in the fight against sepsis.

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“As Sepsis Research FEAT marks its 10th anniversary this year, we’re asking you to consider joining Chris and Sarah in being part of our birthday celebrations and raising money to support an important cause.

“Our Give Us 10! campaign offers a range of fundraising activity suggestions for individuals and groups to take part in. Whether you want to try your hand at each of our monthly themes or just stick to the one, we have a whole host of fundraising challenges for you to get involved in.

“We would be very grateful for whatever support you can give to help us continue our work raising awareness of sepsis and funding groundbreaking research.”

Sepsis Research FEAT was founded in 2013 by Craig Stobo in memory of his wife, Dr Fiona Agnew, and their unborn daughter, Isla, who died from sepsis in 2012. Since then it has gained supporters across the UK and funded pioneering research including the GenOMICC study which is investigating the role genes play in determining patients’ outcomes from sepsis.

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