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Harry and Meghan’s popularity crisis since Spare release and Netflix ‘turning point’ | Royal | News

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s popularity in the United States has fallen after the publication of Spare. A poll taken by the firm Redfield and Wilton Strategies has found Prince Harry’s popularity fell by 45 points between December 5 and January 16. December 5 was the week before the Sussexes’ Netflix documentary aired and January 16 marked the end of the first week after the publication of Spare.

American royal commentator and host of the To Di For Daily Podcast Kinsey Schofield told the Times: “I work with several publicists in LA and they say that Harry and Meghan aren’t considered for high-profile events because the fear is that all eyes will be on them and that will take away from the cause.

“I think people are starting to hesitate in associating with them because they seem to be a dramatic pair that fixates on the negative.”

This isn’t the first time Harry and Meghan have been considered as distractions in recent weeks.

This factor is reportedly also under consideration in regard to their presence, or lack of, at the Coronation of King Charles III.


Reports suggest the King is hoping to convince the Sussexes to attend the Coronation, due to occur on May 6, as their presence would be less of a distraction than their absence.

Sources have told the Mail on Sunday the King has asked the Archbishop of Canterbury to act as an intermediary between the Royal Family and the Sussexes in the hope of making a deal.

Part of the deal could include prominent seating at the ceremony and assurances the would be able to keep their titles.

As in the United States, the popularity of Harry and Meghan has also fallen in the UK, and their attendance of the Coronation in May looks uncertain.

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