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Harry and Meghan to move to ‘commercial TV’ as US audience have ‘appetite’ for Sussexes | Royal | News

and are likely to “make a commercial move” into TV as there is “appetite for the Duke and Duchess” in the , according to a celebrity PR expert. This comes as the couple have reportedly hired Ellen DeGeneres’ broker Adam Lilling, previously named one of the Top Dealmakers in Hollywood.

Mr Lilling, who has previously worked with Nicole Kidman, said in the past that he is focused on creating “profit opportunities”.

‘PR to the stars’ Mayah Riaz told The Mirror: “It would be naive to not expect Harry and Meghan to make a commercial move post their Netflix series and Spare.

“The Netflix series was tailored for the American audience and it shows that there is an appetite for the Duke and Duchess in the States.”

The PR expert added that Harry and Meghan’s brand had not been “harmed” following their revelations about life in the Royal Family.

She said: “Netflix was an indicator of something more. People may not have liked it, but they did watch it and it was the highest-viewed Netflix series. Harry’s book was the fastest-selling non-fiction book ever.

“If they have hired Adam Lilling, then I believe that is a smart move and from a PR point, I fully expected them to have that sort of support. They are not catering for the UK market.”

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