Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “absolutely want” to attend the Coronation of King Charles because it provides them with a valuable opportunity to “monetize” their connection with the Royal Family, it has been claimed. During a debate on Jeremy Vine, radio presenter Cristo Foufas argued that attending the occasion would mean the Sussexes can later claim “victimhood’.

Cristo argued attending King Charles’s Coronation event would increase the couple’s brand value in America due to the royal connection.

He told the Jeremy Vine show: “They will absolutely want to be there because that is the money shot for them, that is what monetizes them.

“It’s the connection with the Royals that means that they can go back afterwards.

“They can claim all sorts of victimhood because the seat wasn’t good enough because someone spoke to them in the wrong way.”

He added: “Also it increases their brand going forward in America because of course, they’ve been at the Coronation. And it’s that royal connection. That means that they can sell their souls by slagging off their family constantly.”

The Sussexes have been invited to attend the historic May event, which Cristo described as an “exceptionally clever” move by the monarch.

Cristo continued: “Well, I think that Charles is being exceptionally clever because of course, if they weren’t invited, there would be yet more accusations of racism.

“In the same way that there was an implication in the Oprah interview that Archie wouldn’t get his title because of racism when that actually is not true at all. It’s when you become the grandson of the monarch that you would you’re entitled to that title.

“So I think Charles is being extremely clever by offering this olive branch.

Prince Harry will pick it up, I don’t think he should, but he will. Absolutely. they will be there, absolutely. I guarantee they will be there, I don’t think they should, but they will be there because that’s how they monetize their brands.”

Harry and Meghan are yet to confirm their attendance at the Coronation.

It comes as Scots are being urged to take part in a community event to celebrate the King’s Coronation.

Communities will receive a special letter from Charles and the Queen Consort to commemorate their participation if they sign up for the Coronation Big Lunch.

Thousands of celebratory events are expected to take place throughout the coronation weekend from May 6.

Community groups, schools and streets which stage a Big Lunch could also win a community garden designed and planted by the award-winning Eden Project, which is organising the celebration.

Participants are also invited to nominate their area as the friendliest place to live.

Grainne McCloskey, Scotland regional manager at Eden Project Communities, said: “We want to place community spirit at the heart of this historic occasion and encourage everyone in Scotland to join in.

“Even if you’re simply a group of neighbours who enjoy a wee chat together or you’re part of a school community, club or a local group, we want to hear from you.

“Scots are renowned for our friendliness, and this is an opportunity for people to come together sharing friendship, food and fun and to celebrate an historic event.

“There’s also a chance to win your community some fantastic prizes.

“Let’s celebrate those people who support each other and shape better futures together in the places where they live, but rarely get the recognition they deserve.

“Our competition is open to everyone until March 30, so there is still plenty of time to apply. Don’t be shy.”

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