Kamala Harris “will become the next nominee of the Democratic Party” should President Joe Biden announce he is not seeking re-election in 2024. President Biden has so far refused to confirm whether he will run again next year despite her polling numbers showing a significant level of unpopularity among voters. Former DNC chair Donna Brazile suggested public opinion would play a minimal role in influencing the Democrats in selecting Harris if Biden decided not to run again.

Discussing Biden’s performance during last week’s State of the Union, Brazile said: “I’m so glad you brought up Kamala Harris because she is probably one of the most undefined human beings. She is incredible. She is standing in her own power.

“She has been, at every step, helpful to this president and getting his agenda through the United States Congress.

“And so while her poll numbers may not reflect her true popularity, I can guarantee you Kamala Harris will not be replaced on the party’s ticket.

“And I can also guarantee you, if Joe Biden decides not to run, Kamala Harris will become the next nominee of the Democratic Party.”

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She continued: “I don’t understand why every time, you know, something goes down, people would say, Kamala, Kamala.

“She is standing in her power. She has been incredible. She’s been indispensable. And she is going to serve as vice president.”

The former DNC chair also noted Biden will likely make the party wait until much later in the year before declaring his intentions.

She added: “The president doesn’t need to re-announce his election until late fall, before the deadline to go on the ballot in some of those key, strategic states.”

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“The extremist, so-called leaders, who want to distract and divide our nation as they ban books, as they reject the history of America, as they criminalize doctors and nurses and the sacred right to vote.”

Harris referenced Democrats’ holding onto Senate control during fall’s midterms and reminded a smaller crowd: “It’s not the time to pat ourselves on the back. It’s the time to see it through.

“And that’s going to take as much work, if not more, than everything that everyone here put into where we are today.”

But should he run again, the president will have a harder time campaigning on future legislative accomplishments now that the GOP controls the House.

A coming fight over extending the nation’s legal debt ceiling may only harden partisan clashes.

Kevin McCarthy said he and the White House would continue talking about ways to avoid a debt limit crisis.

But, referring to federal spending, McCarthy said, “The current path we’re on we cannot sustain.”

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