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Haiti police storm Prime Minister’s residence in riots after 78 officers killed by gangs | World | News

Haiti police have launched riots in the capital Port-Au-Prince on Thursday after 14 officers were killed by criminal gangs. The government are being blamed by the officers for not taking action against gangs who are more armed than the police.

In an escalation of tensions, it is reported that a number of officers stormed through the gates of Prime Minister Ariel Henry’s official residence.

It is reported that officers who are thought to be part of the Haitian National Police smashed car windows and shot guns into the courtyard.

They did not enter the building itself, according to an employee in the Prime Minister’s office.

The Prime Minister and his chief of staff were not present, which meant that security was lowered.

However, the incident comes just 18 months after President Jovenel Moïse was fatally shot in his home.

The country’s international airport in the capital was also under attack as officers attempted to gain entry.

According to The Washington Post, protesters and some officers in uniform broke a window at Toussaint Louverture International Airport and vandalised an entryway.

The country has been plagued by increased violence and failing security conditions as armed gangs target the police.

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Mr Henry’s plane had just landed in Port-au-Prince when returning from a summit in Argentina.

According to Haiti’s Radio Tele Metronome, the Prime Minister was able to escape the airport.

The UN envoy to Haiti, Helen La Lime said on Wednesday: “The situation in Haiti is grave.

“You know that gang-driven violence has reached new heights. On average, we face on kidnapping every six hours in 2022.”

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