The Royal Family may avoid allowing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle onto the Buckingham Palace balcony as part of the King’s historic Coronation celebrations for fear that details of it would “appear in the next book”, a royal commentator has claimed. The balcony appearance, timetabled after the coronation itself, has emerged as the centrepoint of swirling rumours about the Duke and Duchess of Sussexes’ role in the celebrations – if they are to have any at all.

Prince Harry’s new memoir, Spare, provided an unprecedented glimpse into the lives of the traditionally very private Firm.

Author and journalist Claudia Joseph highlighted that this break with royal tradition will make the Firm very careful with the Sussexes’ role in the event, out of concern they will continue to make public the inner workings of the family.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Ms Joseph criticised the California-based pair for attacking the institution every time they “open their mouths”.

She added: “I think if you look back to the Queen’s jubilee, they were not included at that stage on the balcony.

“It’s very difficult for the royal family because they are an institution, they are a monarchy, and that is their job. Obviously in the past there’ve been times when perhaps the press have been too intrusive and there have been problems, but ultimately the job is to do good work and to keep quiet and not talk about their feelings and what’s going on in public.

“And it’s very difficult because every time Harry and Meghan open their mouths now they say something critical of the institution and if they are on the balcony, that will appear in the next book.”

However, broadcaster Ateh Jewel, also featured on the show, shot back, saying the family needs to “heal” and the balcony appearance would be an ideal opportunity for them to do so, if Harry and Meghan were invited to join them.

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She said: “I think the royal family are an institution and a family and both need to evolve and heal.

“I think if King Charles – who is also our King and I do support the monarchy, he’s also a father, he needs to put the un in unconditional and put his hand out and be the bigger person. The person who will have a gesture to help heal his family.”

She also said that an invitation to the balcony would be an important message for the country following the content of Spare as well as interviews with the Prince surrounding its release, which have included discussions of mental health and allegations of racism.

Ms Jewel said: “I mean what message does it send to the whole country that when you speak about your truth, when you speak about mental health, when you speak about toxic behaviour and racism that it’s met with silence, stonewalling and ex communication. They should be on the balcony.”

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The precedent set by the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – during which only working royals appeared on the balcony for the Trooping of the Colour – would suggest that Harry and Meghan, as well as Prince Andrew, will not be allowed to join the senior members of the family for the historic moment.

In an interview with ITV’s Tom Bradby, Harry said the “door is open” if he was invited to attend the coronation, but “a lot can happen between now and then.”

The Prince added: “The ball is in their court.”

Details for the three-day long extravaganza to celebrate the coronation were recently revealed – including a bank holiday for millions of Brits. The coronation is scheduled to take place on May 6, followed by a huge concert at Windsor Castle.

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