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Farnham branded ‘snootiest place’ where people ‘show off on school run’ | UK | News

A town has been dubbed the “snootiest” place in Surrey where “showing the world just how middle class you are is an absolute must”.

Farnham came in for the criticism on satirical website ILiveHere but people living there have been keen to say other places in the county are more deserving of the jibes.

The reasoning for the unenviable claims include the high land value, absence of fast food chains, “stringent” residents association and “limp-wristed nimby’s ballpoints”, reports SurreyLive.

The ILiveHere article also claims the school run is more about showing how well-off you are rather than getting your children to class safely.

It says: “Do you have a Vauxhall Corsa? Perhaps you should think about living elsewhere, as this casts doubt on your financial position in the eyes of the Farnhamite, and we can’t have people like you. Urgently running the sprogs to school in the X5 or the Macan is expected behaviour in these parts, and always via [cafe] Caracoli to pick up Babyccinos.”

These harsh words predictably did not go down well with some residents who insisted their town was much more down to earth than others in Surrey. Peter Goodman opened up the Electric Cycle Cafe, on Downing Street, in March 2021, and instead pointed the finger at Guildford.

“I don’t think it’s particularly snooty in Farnham,” he said. “In fact, I used to live in Guildford at one point, and I did find people there were particularly cold and unfriendly. In Guildford, the done thing is you don’t speak to strangers, whereas in Farnham you can speak to everyone.

“In that sense, it’s quite a friendly town. It comes from the fact it’s only 40,000 people whereas Guildford is three times the size. Guildford feels like a suburb of London and Farnham definitely does not have an element of that.

“If you mean snooty as unfriendly I don’t think it’s snooty at all. Everybody talks to each other even with people who have nothing to do with each other. An old lady fell over in the street and about 10 people went to help.”

Express Online has contacted Farnham councillors for further comment.

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