The family of a partially blind woman who was jailed for waving a cyclist into a fatal crash are furious as they accuse the judge in the case of ignoring her vulnerabilities while delivering the three-year prison sentence.

Grey told cyclist Celia Ward, 77, to “get off the f***ing pavement” just seconds before the pensioner fell into the road and was struck by a car.

It has been reported that Grey will appeal the sentence.

Her brother-in-law, Alisdair Luxmoore, hit out at the judge for sentencing Grey to three years

He told The Times that Grey was “treated as if she was able-bodied” and questioned: “How can you put a disabled person in a place like that?”

Mr Luxmoore added that Grey did not mean to cause harm and that Ms Ward’s death was a “tragic accident” that has left the family “horrified.”

He continued: “Then there was the horror at the thought of her being sent to [prison]. How can you put a disabled person in a place like that?

“The judge basically treated her as if she was able-bodied … the onus was put on her to get out of the way of the cyclist.”

He went on, saying that his family is “desperately sorry for the Wards” and that it was “awful” that Grey played any role in Ms Ward’s death.

Grey has been described as “childlike” and “vulnerable”. She is partially blind, suffers from cerebral palsy, and has cognitive issues.

The accident occurred as Ms Ward cycled down a path in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, on October 20, 2020.

Video footage of Grey’s police interview showed her telling officers that she couldn’t remember what happened at the time.

Officers asked Grey how Ms Ward ended up on the road, to which she replied: “I think that the bike may have, if it swerved, onto the road.”

Grey was then asked if she had touched the bike. She said: “Only in a vague way,” before adding she touched her “lightly”.

She also told officers that she had told Ms Ward to “slow down” at the time of the incident.

Officers then showed Grey footage showing that she had her hand “on [Ms Ward’s] jacket.”

Pushed on this again, Grey replied: “I can’t remember.”

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Officers then played audio of Grey telling Ms Ward to “get off the f***ing pavement.”

Again, when asked about this, Grey said she couldn’t remember.

Grey was then questioned over why she didn’t stay to speak to emergency services after the accident.

She said: “They weren’t there.”

When pushed, she added: ‘”She was being helped and you could hear police and things coming.

“I didn’t know I had to [stay].”

The court heard that Grey has shown “no remorse” until pre-sentencing.

Grey is now appealing the sentence. Her lawyer Ms Moore told a judge: “She has nobody to support her apart from a friend and no family support at all. She has no financial support at all other than state benefits.

“If she goes to prison today she would lose her home and has no one to store her possessions. She doesn’t know what would happen to them.”

However, a judge said Grey’s actions were “not explained by disability”. has contacted the Ministry of Justice for comment. 

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