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Ex-Clinton aide warns classified document scandal could ‘knock’ Biden out of 2024 race | US | News

A former aide to Bill Clinton has warned Joe Biden’s classified document debacle could “knock” him out of the 2024 race. As many as 30 documents with classified markings were recovered from Biden’s home in Delaware and at a think tank in Washington DC which he once used as an office.

Dick Morris, who worked with Clinton when he was Governor of Arkansas and during his first term in the White House, said: “That’s going to be the absolute end of it for Biden.”

The Biden discovery came just months after the FBI conducted a raid on Donald Trump‘s home in Mar-a-Lago.

Classified documents were also found at the home of ex-Vice President Mike Pence this month.

Mr Morris told John Catsimatidis: “The issue here is not if everybody took classified documents home.”

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He suggested Biden’s documents differed to the others as some of them related to “classified information about American policy toward Ukraine“.

But Morris also claimed Biden’s classified documents were part of a “big bribery scandal” concerning the 46th President’s son Hunter Biden.

He argued: “It will knock Biden out of the race.”

Hunter Biden was on the board of a Ukrainian energy company for several years, including when Biden deputised for ex-POTUS Barack Obama.

However, Morris also pointed to recent opinion polls which suggested Democratic support for Biden was floundering.

Ex-FLOTUS Michelle Obama has the backing of 14 percent, with former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton receiving just six percent.

Commenting on the recent survey, Mr Morris said: “When Biden as President can’t get more than 25 percent of the primary vote in his own party, that’s near death. He’s so incredibly vulnerable.

“You’d think he’d be at 40 percent or 50 percent at the least. That means pretty much anybody that breathes on him can knock him over.”

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