Ms James said: “Whether it was the upgrade to Duchess of Edinburgh or maybe just a response to Charles’s slightly impatient-looking dithering as he waited to get on with the procession, but Sophie leant right in to give Charles a very playful shoulder-bump greeting, along with a very meaningful grin.

“It was probably the first glimpse of a gesture like this at a formal public event like this and as an ice-breaker.

“It seemed to set the tone for the new Prince and Princess of Wales, who were spotted exchanging some grins that were fondly bordering on the flirtatious during the service.”

She then went on to discuss the interactions between Kate and William, and said: “At one point Kate leant over to point to the place William should have been on his song sheet and he replied with a rather sweet suppressed smile, followed by a small bounce on his heels to signal a moment of happiness.

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