A Welsh driver feuding with a motorcyclist who used his car “as a weapon” has received an eight-month prison sentence. Graham Robinson, 69, was jailed on Friday after a judge ruled he had misused his car in an altercation with motorcycle driver Liam Guest. Caernarfon Crown Court heard how the two drivers were locked in a high-speed chase before crashing and causing almost £3,000 of property damage.

The altercation on October 5, 2022, started when Mr Guest pulled up alongside Robinson on Foryd Bridge as he travelled from Rhyl to his home in Kimmel Bay.

As the motorcycle driver attempted to pass Robinson’s slow-moving blue Renault Kadja, prosecutor Rosemary Proctor said the driver shouted at him.

The court heard Robinson say Mr Guest “shouldn’t be driving, called him a ‘”p****” and spat at him”.

As he was passing his car, the motorcycle said the defendant had “nudged” the bike with the front of his vehicle, adding his wing mirror had clipped the bike’s handlebars.

The two crashed into a fence at a property owned by Christine Lyons, costing her £2,786.78 in insurance.

She was sitting in her front room when she heard a “terrific bang” around 4.30pm that evening.

Ms Lyons walked into her garden and saw the broken fence, with Robinson’s car “embedded in the vegetation”.

She also spotted a motorcycle “in the garden on the ground”.


Mr Guest told the court he suffered cuts and grazes and had back pain caused by the crash he rated as an “eight out of ten”.

The court heard he was due to have an MRI scan, with doctors looking for a possible slipped disc, nerve damage and sciatica.

Despite the pain, he picked himself off the ground and flagged down a police car.

When questioned by officers, Robinson initially denied he had a dashcam but later admitted to lying.

A judge heard Robinson was stressed due to his wife’s deteriorating mental health.

Defending counsel Simon Killeen said she suffered from bipolar disorder, and was hospitalised later that day.

But judge Timothy Petts told the defendant he reacted to his dispute with Mr Guest in a “grossly disproportionate way”, adding he used his car “as a weapon against a vulnerable road user”.

Robinson was jailed and disqualified from driving for three years and four months.

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