A with a rare eye condition has received a pair of “doggles” to help protect his vision. Gus the Border Collie was left nearly blind due to Pannus, a condition that weakens the cornea of his eyes. Gus’ Pannus worsens with exposure to sunlight, but his new pair of stylish goggles restore his sight.

His owner Chloe Godliman, 28, first feared something was wrong with the pup when she noticed a pink, cloudy patch in the corner of his left eye.

Aged just one in the summer of 2021, she and her husband Joe took him to the vet, where she was informed Gus had an incurable condition.

The vet warned her that, if untreated, it could leave her beloved companion permanently blind.

Speaking to the Daily Record, she added that the vet told her “outside dog” Gus “couldn’t go outside while the sun was out”.


Ms Godliman said she feared the advice would “change our entire lives”, adding she “couldn’t believe it was happening”.

She then started researching the condition, fearing the diagnosis would change her family’s lifestyle.

Her active family loves the outdoors, but she concluded that getting rid of their dog was “never going to be an option”.

The mum eventually discovered Rex Specs, a company that sells UV-resistant goggles for dogs.

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The “doggles” protect Gus from 99.9 percent of the sun’s harmful rays, ensuring his eyesight doesn’t further deteriorate.

The glasses have allowed the pooch to continue living his outside dog life, and they come with perks.

Ms Godliman said they don’t bother him and have the “added bonus” of looking cool.

She said: “Naturally, Gus attracts a lot of attention while wearing his glasses and we have to explain to people that he has them for medical reasons.”

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