A dog has been saved by firefighters are falling 23-feet down a manhole in search for treats. Tess, a 14-year-old Labrador retriever, fell down the open hole as workers inspected a storm drain. The elderly pooch, hoping to receive treats from the firefighters, miraculously landed on a pile of leaves at the bottom.

This meant she was pulled out again uninjured after nearly an hour in the dark.

Tess’s owner Larry Beutler told KGW 8: “She just walked up expecting a treat and just went over the edge and disappeared.”

Larry’s wife Linda Beutler was left in “quite a shock” at the “absurd situation”, adding: “We went through a real life-threatening thing with her before Christmas, so it was just like, ‘What else can happen?'”

Portland Fire and Rescue responders arrived at the scene to save the canine.

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A firefighter was sent down the hole to put Tess in a harness.

They then used a pulley system called an Arizona Vortex to hoist the dog out.

Tess had been underground for nearly an hour before being saved.

She did not sustain injuries when rescuers reached her as there was a pile of leaves and other debris that cushioned her fall.

Footage from the scene showed neighbours gather as firefighters finally retrieved Tess.

After being released form the harness, the dog started wagging her tail as she shook off remaining debris.

Linda Beutler lauded the firefighters as “heroes” for saving Tess.

She also had a good sense of humour following the ordeal.

Linda joked: “We just want to tell other dogs, don’t be like Tess.

“Don’t just walk up to people and expect to get treats because you might fall in a hole.”

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