A Manchester dad says he has received a cruel threat for parking his van on a public road as tensions heat in a battle for spaces. The van driver received an “aggressive” note for parking somewhere he says he used to stop all the time – adding he has received both written and verbal abuse for where he leaves his van.

He explained to the Manchester Evening News that an increased number of cars in his area, Bury, has led to fierce competition for car parking spots.

The father, who has been kept anonymous, spoke out after a note calling him an “inconsiderate w***er” was left on his van overnight on Thursday (January 26). The note also threatened: “Move or else there will be trouble”.

He said he never blocks driveways when he parks, adding that as much as he understands parking “frustrations”, he has “as much right to park on the street as anybody else”.

The aggressive note read: “You really are an inconsiderate w***er aren’t you. Move your van or else there will be trouble. Want to be a clever c**t and play games. Then games you will get.”

The man, who has lived in Bury all his life, said it had “concerned” him, adding: “I’m also concerned about my van. Without my van I can’t work, and if they end up damaging it… just like everyone else at the minute with the cost of living, I can’t really afford to miss a couple of days work without my van.”

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He added it was a “shame” that the area had become so heated over parking spaces, as the area “is a really nice place to live.”

He said: “I get on with most people here.

“I don’t want any trouble. It’s frustrating because if I was parking directly outside somebody’s house or blocking the light into their lounge or anything like that, I wouldn’t do it.

“I’d understand if that was the case, because I wouldn’t like that myself. I always make a point to park on the end of the street, which is not obstructing anybody’s property. The only place I ever park outside a property, I’ve spoken to the resident who lives there and they’re fine with it.”

He said that if he was “causing anyone an issue”, they were “more than welcome” to knock on his door and ask him to move, saying of the note: “It just seems unnecessary.”

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