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Dad, 43, denies making oral sex request in interview with 27-year-old babysitter | US | News

A 43-year-old father has denied making a request for oral sex in an interview for a nanny role. Jason Kuperman, a wealthy financial analyst from New York, was also defended by his wife Sara Freizer Kuperman.

His wife said: “These allegations are false. Jason is a loving husband and a fantastic father.”

But a 27-year-old woman from Thailand has claimed she had a traumatic interview experience with Mr Kuperman.

A friend of the woman posted on Facebook: “Please avoid this man at all costs or anyone who seems like they might want to take advantage of you.”

An interviewee, referred to by her first name Dawan, spoke to the New York Post about her alleged experience with Kuperman.

Dawan says she was told the meeting would be an introduction to her new $20 (£16.36) an hour job.

She claimed Kuperman took her into the bathroom before showing her a cushion which he claimed would be good for performing oral sex.

He allegedly said: “Do you like blow job? Have you ever done that or not?”

Dawan says she did not answer but claims Kuperman went onto say: “You don’t do the blow job?”

She said she responded: “No, I don’t do it.”

Dawan proceeded to start recording her remaining conversation with Kuperman on her phone.

When leaving the property, Dawan asked Kuperman why he asked her that question.

According to the alleged tape, he replied: “It’s like cleaning closet, doing laundry… You don’t have to. 

“I was just [asking] a question. You don’t have to.”

Dawan later handed a tape into the police.

Several women responded to the alleged incident on social media, with one calling him a “creep”.

Another alleged: “He did the same with me… he said he could pay me very good money… and he wouldn’t be able to control himself.”

However, Kuperman said the allegations were “completely and categorically false”. 

He said in a statement: “Some are from people I never even met.

“Others are from people who texted me after their interview saying how nice it was to meet and hope to work with me soon.

“I feel terrible if I unintentionally made anyone feel uncomfortable by a misunderstood comment or bad attempt at humour.

“And as a father to a daughter myself I fully support equality and our shared social responsibilities. Although these allegations are untrue, I will take this as an opportunity for reflection on how I can pursue a more active role in working to make our society better for my daughter’s future.”

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