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California shooting: 11 people have died after a mass-shooting on Chinese New Year | US | News

Initially 10 people were confirmed dead following the tragic incident at a dance club on Saturday night. Another 10 people were wounded in the shooting, and it has now been confirmed that one of these people have died.

The 72-year-old gunman killed himself on Sunday after being on the run from police for around 12 hours.

The shooting occurred at the Star Ballroom Dance Studio in Monterey Park which is situated just seven miles east of Downtown Los Angeles.

Health officials confirmed that one of the injured people has died and two women have been named among those who died.

My Nhan, 65, and Lilian Li, 63 were both killed and it is reported that Ming Wei Ma, a dancing instructor at the studio has also died.

LA County Sheriff Rober Luna held a press conference late on Monday night in which he named Alvero Valentino, 68, as another confirmed victim of the shooting.

The Los Angeles coroner’s office declared that only one of the victims was under the age of 60.

Sheriff Luna confirmed that 42 rounds were fired by the gunman, with a large capacity magazine found at the scene.

The suspect of the shooting, Huu Can Tran went to the Lai Lai Ballroom and Studio dance club in Alhambra, following his attack in Monterey.

Brandon Tsay runs the venue and has told news outlets how he wrestled with the gunman to prevent further attacks.

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Approximately 20 miles southwest of Monterey Park, 12 hours after the incident, police were able to corner a white van being driven by Tran.

Tran shot himself as police officers approached the vehicle where they then recovered a handgun from the van which was registered to the suspect.

The Sheriff also confirmed that the weapon which was taken from the suspect in the struggle in Alhambra was a 9mm semi-automatic mach-10 assault weapon.

In the suspect’s mobile home, situated in a community for pensioners, police found a 308-calibre rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

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