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British life deemed so awful that half the country dreams of fleeing abroad | UK | News

Three out of four Britons believe they would be better off living in a different country, according to a new opinion poll which reveals a growing distaste for the state of modern Britain. Additionally, more than half of Britons cannot name a single Conservative or Labour policy to tackle poverty. 


When asked if they thought they’d have a better quality of life and earn more in Australia than the UK, 45 percent agreed while only 14 percent disagreeing.

While Australia was named as the most popular bolthole, it was closely followed by New Zealand (44 percent), then Denmark (39 percent), Germany (34 percent), Spain (29 percent) and France (26 percent).

In each case, more people agree than disagree that they would have a better quality of life and higher earnings than they do at home.

This is not, however, true of the USA and China.

The poll, conducted by J.L. Partners for the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), is based on a new survey of the “state of the nation”.

Pessimism about the condition of modern society and a collapse in confidence in the mainstream political parties to find remedies for major issued are the most striking features of the poll.

Rishi Sunak and former prime minister Boris Johnson are both seen as badly out of touch with the lives of many of the public. Around four in five (84 per cent) people say that they have little idea of what it is like to live in poverty today.

This compares with Labour leader Keir Starmer (66 percent) and King Charles (73 percent).

Awareness of measures by Conservatives and Labour to relieve poverty was dismal.

But of the minority who could name a relevant Conservative policy, most people focused on the Government’s energy support package.

For Labour raising taxes was most commonly cited.

When asked about the Conservatives’ general approach to tackling poverty, people said it was either non-existent or “bad”. 

When asked about the Conservatives’ general approach to tackling poverty, people said it was either non-existent or in some way “bad”.

Asked to describe the Labour Party’s approach to tackling poverty in one word, the most popular choices were: “poor”, “useless”, “rubbish”, “benefits”, “support”, “unrealistic”, “caring”, “fair”, “tax” and “money”.

The CSJ argues that to reduce the strain on crumbling public services – including the NHS – and to provide the foundations for economic growth, policymakers need to take a more strategic approach to tackling the root causes of poverty, rather than assuming it can be solved through higher spending on welfare benefits alone.

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