Elizabeth Garrett, 34, has claimed that while caring for her ill father, British Gas agents entered her home “without warning”, “used my toilet and didn’t flush” and “made cups of tea”.

The mother said after struggling with her mental health in 2011 she sadly spiralled into debt.

Eleven years ago, Garrett, 23 at the time, was visiting her father who was very ill with pancreatic cancer when she discovered the situation.

Her father later passed away.

Following her visit to the hospital, she returned to her home in Northfield and found her back door off its hinges, she said.

Ms Garrett claimed that debt agents from British Gas had entered to fit a meter.

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“I asked for a prepayment meter, but they said I need to be ‘in more debt’ to be eligible – so I stopped paying all together. I think my arrears was around £860.

“As this was going on, my dad was in hospital with pancreatic cancer. We were later told he wouldn’t make it.

“When I got home after visiting him one day, I was in disbelief to find British Gas had entered my property, without warning. I looked through my mail but there was nothing to suggest that this would be the plan – and I’d never agreed to it.

“While they were there, they used my toilet and didn’t flush. They also made cups of tea.”

A British Gas spokesperson has countered these claims.

They said: “The warrant process would be a last resort after multiple attempts to contact a customer over many months.

“For this particular case, from 12 years ago, our records show that we attempted to engage with Ms Garrett to try to offer help and assistance on many occasions without success.”

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