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Brexit news: Tory MPs accuse ministers of selling out after UK and EU held secret talks | Politics | News

Top Brexiteers have accused the Government of selling out after the UK held a secret summit with the EU on improving relations. The two sides held a private cross-party summit entitled: “How can we make Brexit work better with our neighbours in Europe?” Veteran backbencher John Redwood and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage accused the Government of using the conference to “sellout” to the EU.

Meanwhile, former Brexit negotiator Lord Frost called for the Government to “fully and enthusiastically embrace” Brexit, rather than trying to fix it behind closed doors.

Mr Redwood tweeted: “Instead of talking of sellout at private conferences the UK establishment needs to complete Brexit and use its freedoms.”

While Mr Farage said: “The full sellout of Brexit is underway”, accusing the Tory party of having “never believed in it”.

Lord Frost added: “Brexit doesn’t need ‘fixing’.

“It needs this Conservative government, elected with a huge mandate on a Brexit programme, to fully and enthusiastically embrace its advantages instead of leaving the field to those who never wanted it in the first place.”

The discussions, first revealed by the Observer, involved frontbench MPs from both main parties, as well as diplomats, foreign policy experts and prominent business figures.

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