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Brexit fury as former MEP accuses UK ministers of being ‘pro-EU’ after secret summit | Politics | News

Downing Street insisted the Prime Minister had not been aware in advance of the cross-party gathering at the Ditchley Park retreat in Oxfordshire.

But former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib has joined his Brexiteer colleagues in expressing his fury at the private gathering of ministers, accusing them of being “pro-EU”.

He told “This private cross-party summit was extraordinary. Ditchley Park is all about global corporations and super-national institutions, with the great and the good coming together.

“It says a lot that the people who met chose to meet there and it gives their mindset away. They are not championing British national interests but are talking about global cooperation.

“These people validate themselves on the international stage and believe they are beyond and above the interests of the British electorate. They believe they will make global laws that suit the globe and force them down our throats. When you think like that, you are bound to be pro-EU.”

Mr Habib claimed the UK “hasn’t actually got Brexit” and “still hasn’t properly left” the European Union – as proven by the recent Supreme Court ruling on the Northern Ireland Protocol.

He continued: “When they were meeting at Ditchley Park, I hope they recognised that we haven’t actually got Brexit. It is not that Brexit has failed, it’s that the Government has failed to deliver Brexit.

“The Brexit ballot paper said: ‘Do you wish the UK to leave the EU?’ But the UK still hasn’t properly left.

“I’ve just had a Supreme Court ruling on the Protocol saying that Northern Ireland has been left behind in the EU Single Market for goods. It is subject to foreign laws, made by foreign bodies, adjudicated by a foreign court.

“That is not Brexit – we voted for the UK to leave the EU, not for Great Britain to leave.”

The private summit at Ditchley Park – which came three years after the UK officials left the EU – infuriated several leading Brexiteers.

Sir John Redwood told the Daily Express: “The advice I’ve got for the Government is the only language the EU understands, I’m afraid, is when you’re strong.

“So what we need to do to complete Brexit, which is what the people want, is to push through the Northern Ireland Protocol legislation through the Lords because it passed through the Commons with a big majority. We need an independent solution to Northern Ireland.

“It’s quite obvious after all these years that the EU is trying to utilise Northern Ireland rather than seeking a proper solution.”

He called for the Government to be “extremely firm”, adding: “I’m recommending a much more positive approach to Brexit because most Brexit voters feel they haven’t got Brexit.

“They’ve been let down because the EU has made life extremely difficult and the UK Government has been too sensitive to EU views and not sensitive enough to Brexit voter views.”

Writing on Twitter, he added: “Instead of talking of sellout at private conferences the UK establishment needs to complete Brexit and use its freedoms.”

Meanwhile, Nigel Farage said: “The full sellout of Brexit is underway”, accusing the Tory party of having “never believed in it”.

Lord Frost, who for a time had led the UK’s negotiations with the EU over the Withdrawal Agreement, added: “Brexit doesn’t need ‘fixing’.

“It needs this Conservative government, elected with a huge mandate on a Brexit programme, to fully and enthusiastically embrace its advantages instead of leaving the field to those who never wanted it in the first place.”

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