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Boy, 8, attacked by shark on fishing trip says encounter won’t stop him returning to water | World | News

A brave eight-year-old boy in Australia says he won’t be put off going back in the water despite being bitten by a shark on a fishing trip. Manni Alam survived his encounter with the deadly denizen of the deep when it launched at him from the waves as he landed a fish he had caught.

Footage posted on TikTok shows Manni in a wetsuit in the water by the side of a boat he and his dad Radwan had been using to go fishing near Lady Musgrave Island, in the Great Barrier Reef.

Manni can be seen proudly lifting his catch – a coral trout – onto the side of the boat by the steps into the water.

But as Manni views his fish another sea creature in the form of a small shark decided to crash the party and appeared to launch at the boy’s shoulders and chest.

While the clip ended abruptly after the shark launched out of the water, Manni’s dad revealed to shocked viewers later on that his son had survived the ordeal.

Responding to comments asking if the boy was OK, the dad said, “yeah he’s fine, I will post the rest of the video soon”.

Thankfully Manni was not seriously hurt in the incident and played down what could have been a nastier attack, saying: “It felt just like a little bite, a bit on the chest, but that’s it.

“I caught this huge trout and I just wanted to show it off on TikTok. So I went in the water and I was holding the trout, but then the shark attacked me.”

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He added : “I’m going to go back in the water.”

Radwan was the one who filmed the incident and he said: “He just wanted to show me his beautiful coral trout he had just caught, but as I was capturing the footage, this shark just lunged at him… and man he lives to tell it.”

According to Moe, the potentially horrific attack was just ‘another day at the office’ for the sea-farers.

Viewers couldn’t believe how casually the boy handled the situation.

“The kid just looks as if to say ‘you right there bro’,” one wrote in a comment to the video. That kid was not the least concerned. Cool as a cucumber,” another said.

On January 5 a diver in Mexico became the first person recorded to have been killed by a shark this year when he was attacked by a huge great white off the coast of Bahia de Tobari. The predator was reportedly six metres in length.

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