The Taliban have shared pictures showing off over “300 military vehicles” they claim to have restored after they were left behind in the humiliating Allied withdrawal in 2021. In photographs shared on the official Twitter account of the of Ministry of National Defence, Afghanistan, rows upon rows of military support and attack units can be seen.

Alongside a video and pictures posted on Saturday, the Islamic fundamentalist regime said “41 types” of military vehicle had been repaired for service with the 203 Mansoori Army Corps, part of the Afghan National Army formed in October 2021.

According to the Taliban ministry, the haul of hardware includes over 150 types of Humvee in different configurations, as well as two “tanks”, hospital and supply trucks.

It’s estimated the US alone left $7 billion of military gear – including 78 aircraft, 12,000 Humvees and thousands of air-to-ground weapons, according to a report from the Pentagon last year.

In the photographs released by the Taliban Humvee-like vehicles can be seen with firing turrets mounted on top, as well as scores of support trucks lined up outside a dusty barracks.

Overall, it says as many as 300 vehicles that had been “destroyed” by Western forces leaving the country had been repaired.

A caption read: “As many as (300) types of intermediate military vehicles that were destroyed and unusable were restored and ready for use by the technical team of Abu Dojaneh Brigade of Al-Badr Army.”

The account said after an inspection by the commander of the company, the vehicles had all been approved for use.

Despite the apparent military show of power, the Taliban and Afghanistan have faced a deepening economic and humanitarian crisis since the regime took power from Western allies in 2021.

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Sanctions have been placed on members of the Taliban government, the central bank’s overseas assets have been frozen, and most foreign funding has been suspended, according to the BBC.

It’s believed the country sits on natural resources worth over £800bn, including supplies of gas, copper and rare earth minerals vital in the production of modern technological devices.

The international community has become increasingly outraged at the Taliban’s treatment of women as they reneged on promises they would provide education for women and girls, barring them from both secondary school and university.

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