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BBC QT audience member slams strikes for ‘idealistic and simplistic’ demands | UK | News

A BBC Question Time audience member has lashed out at the public sector claiming that the private sector is “not getting pay rise like this” as the country continues to witness mass strikes. Hundreds of thousands of public sector workers walked on Wednesday in coordinated action demanding a better pay rise.

Speaking on the BBC’s flagship political show, the audience member, while empathasizing with the public sector workers, said: “It’s a very fine line between the balance and the books.

“We can’t just fix it 10 percent.

“I think it’s sometimes quite idealistic and simplistic to just say, I want the money, get me the money, and not think about the wider ramifications.

“And I do empathize with the people in the public sector but all I am hearing is ‘public sector, public sector’.

“The private sector is not getting pay rises like this.”

Wednesday witnessed one of the biggest strike actions as teachers, train drivers and civil servants joined the protest.

More than half of schools (51.7 percent) in England were either partially closed or closed due to teacher strikes today, according to Government figures of state-funded primary, secondary and special schools.

The Department for Education figures is based on data sent to them by 77 percent (16,400) of state-funded schools in England.

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Some 43.9 percent of those schools said they were fully open, 42.8 percent were open but restricting attendance, and 8.9 percent were fully closed.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said children deserve to be in school, as teachers in England and Wales took part on the first national strike since 2016.

The Trades Union Congress (TUC), the voice of the UK’s organised labour movement, called the day of co-ordinated action in protest at new legislation that will in the future allow ministers to mandate a minimum service be maintained during strikes in key sectors, including transport, health and education.

TUC general secretary Paul Nowak said: “[Striking workers] are losing pay, they are not being able to deliver the services they are proud to deliver to the public. 

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“It’s been months now and still the Government hasn’t sat down and seriously talked about a real pay rise for our public sector workers.

“’I would hope that they are not actively seeking a confrontation with unions but what I would say is they are trying to push through what is a particularly spiteful piece of legislation.”

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