According to Leo, locals believe that the notice is the result of a single complaint to EDDC, who has now said that a number of factors means that their “hands are legally tied” and they have been left with no choice but to remove the structure.

EDDC were asked why the den is being removed, if and why the terms “illegal camping” or “trespassing” had been used as reasons for demolition, what the nature of the complaint was and why the longstanding rope swing is also supposedly being removed.

An EDDC spokesperson responded and said: “The ‘Den’ has been built near the Undercliff on East Devon District Council land, in an area not accessible by vehicle on a steep site, without the proper permissions.

“Following a complaint, we investigated the site and found a wooden shack made from drilled-together wooden pallets, along with a fire pit, rope swing, beer cans etc.

“There were numerous health and safety issues and as we are liable for the land and what happens on it, our hands our legally tied.

“This sadly means we will have to remove the items as we cannot risk the safety of someone’s child.

“We know there are mixed feelings locally and we hope the local community can understand this decision, even if they don’t agree with it.”

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