The grieving father of US teen Adriana Davidson has shared a heartbreaking post following the discovery of his daughter’s body this week. John Davidson said he is “so lost” and wishes he could “trade places” with 15-year-old daughter – two days after her body was found on school grounds.

Adriana had been reported missing over the weekend and her body was found near sports field at her secondary school on .

In a video posted online, Mr Davidson said: “This is the hardest thing I’ve even had to do but, my daughter Adriana was found and she has passed on. 

“I’m not sure where I go from here but, I am so grateful for all the support and love from everyone across this nation especially family and friends that have helped searching and posting for Adriana.”

In a later post, Mr Davidson shared an old photo of himself and his daughter, with the caption: “I can’t remember how old she was here.”

He added: “It’s that smile! She just lit up a room with it! Oh baby girl I don’t want this! I want to trade places with you so you can live and bring all that love and laughter you did to so many!

“RIH (rest in heaven) I hope you are at peace my beautiful daughter. I am just so lost without you.”

He also asked his Facebook followers to hold off on offering payments to a GoFundMe page set up for Adriana. 

“I don’t want family and friend donating if I can cover this through my policy. I’m grateful for all the support and I will post once I know where we stand as far as the funeral expenses go,” he said. 

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Adriana was reported missing at around midnight on Saturday after she didn’t return home from Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor, a city of 120,000 in Michigan.

The secondary school student last spoke with family at about 9am on Friday on her way to school.

She was last seen by friends at about 11am the same day outside of the school gates. Her friends later told police Adriana had said she didn’t feel well. 

But on Monday, after days of worrying about her whereabouts, her brother, Anthony Lopez, shared a video revealing his sister’s body had been discovered by police on the grounds. 

He said: “We got a call to get to my dad’s apartment right away. The two detectives were there and they let us know that Adriana was found and that she has passed on. 

“My little sister is dead.”

Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) confirmed that Adriana had been found and, at this stage in the investigation, there are “no indications of foul play”.

Authorities said an autopsy was completed Tuesday but its results have not been disclosed.

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